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Our Strategy

To realize our vision Zhongming Ceramic has invested in a long-term strategy of quality and business model that deliver growth to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Quality and innovation

• A focused approach to innovation

• Driving efficiency and technology

• Increased influence in emerging market

Market development

• Latex market

• Emerging market

• E-commerce

Cost and benefit

• Increased utilization

• Category choices

• Optimize resource allocation


• Attracting talent

• Developing talent

• Values-led and empowered

  Zhongming Ceramic believes profitable growth should also be win-win growth. That approach lies at the heart of our business model, driven by technology accumulation and philosophy of cooperation. It guides our approach to how we do business and how we meet the growing consumer demand for making unique moulds. Our business model begins with consumer insight that informs products innovation, often with partners in our supply chain, to create products together and provide solutions to different latex products manufacturers.